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A transport region or daily commuting system is the ideal scale for the development of a coherent and effective sustainable transport policy. Access is available 247 and bookings can be made online or by phone. The city of melbourne is committed to delivering the key directions set in the transport strategy. Car sharing membership involves a onceoff joining fee and an annual insurance charge. All cats must also be desexed, unless exempt for registered breeding purposes or due to veterinar.

Sustainable environment officer in vic city of stonnington. The town and country planning association tcpa has members and supporters residing in the catchment area for the chadstone shopping centre csc on their behalf the attachment to this submission puts the case that c154 more favourably and strongly allows for future sustainable transport solutions to serve the csc. Sustainable transport regeringen, 2008 and a politic al ag reement on a green transport policy transportminis t eriet, 2009, w here significant new g oals and policies w ere announced. This survey aims to identify the issues of interest to residents and gain an insight into current environmental attitudes and behaviours. The city of stonnington is located in melbournes inner southeastern suburbs. Stonningtons municipal public health plan 2009 20 mphp aims to facilitate good levels of health and wellbeing through networking, guidance, and in kind or material support.

The victorian governments planning policy framework for animal industries in victoria. The statutory planning unit is located within the stonnington city centre at 311 glenferrie road opposite malvern town hall and our planning counter is open 8. By law, you can only keep a certain number of pets without a permit. The city encompasses a total area of about 26 square kilometres.

Sustainable transport policy encompasses many related but distinct aspects, such as climate, air quality, security, traffic safety, and health. New development will embody design excellence, make a positive contribution to the appearance, amenity and safety of the public domain, foster sustainable transport outcomes and improve pedestrian access and connectivity. Youll be gaining some valuable exercise, better connecting with your neighbours, helping to relieve road congestion and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This policy builds on and implements the sustainability objectives and strategies expressed in the. Sustainable transport officer applications close 16022020. The 2003 integrated transport plan referred to melbourne 2030s activity centre policy which emphasised future development within existing centres to increase the opportunity for linked trips using nonmotorised modes 2003 integrated transport plan, p.

A goal of economic development is often to maximise the employment opportunities locally, leading to a more socially and environmentally sustainable community. Stonnington is one of six councils that has recently introduced environmentally sustainable development policy into its planning scheme, requiring that development applications meet best practice early on in the design process. Policy principles the following are the principles, which will guide councils strategic, statutory, operational and service activities relating to the transport network and travel within stonnington to ensure its sustainability. Transport and connectedness, housing affordability, a sustainable environment and liveability remain the key strategic directions of imap. Consider all your transport options including walking, cycling or catching public transport particularly for local trips. The limits of a transport region may coincide with the limits of political and administrative regions, but often this is not the case. Councils local esd planning policy is now endorsed as a guide to sustainable design in the whitehorse planning scheme.

Wellbeing and liveability snapshot report 2015 page 3 wellplanned city the large population expansion and associated residential development expected in the city of maribyrnong over the next 15 years provide welcome opportunities for economic growth and innovation. The city of stonnington has a fantastic permanent full time opportunity for a passionate and experienced sustainable environment officer. Yarra principal activity centre and the broader city of stonnington. In this paper, we focus on perhaps the most difficult and contentious aspect of sustainable transport policy, namely curbing the climate effects of the transportation sector. Preference will be given to more sustainable modes of transport in terms of allocating council time, space and resources. At the 2016 census windsor had a population of 7,281 windsor is bounded by dandenong road, st kilda road, williams road and high street. Windsor is an inner suburb of melbourne, victoria, australia, 5 km southeast of melbournes central business district, located within the cities of port phillip and stonnington local government areas. Strategic action plan 32 city of stonnington sustainable environment strategy 2018. Developing a sustainable transport policy for all of our employees allstate ni video glen burgess, an employee at allstate ni with responsibility for sustainable transport policies, explains how they created an awardwinning workplace travel plan. Released in 2002, melbourne 2030 planning for sustainable growth was the victorian governments long term plan for managing melbournes growth and development.

You can apply for your permit online now through eservices. Without physical access to jobs, health, education, and other amenities, the quality of life suffers. Reducing peak hour commuter and school traffic in and out of st helier is a key target area, but the policy aims to reduce car dependence islandwide and cause a significant shift towards more sustainable forms of transport at all times. Lead the implementation and promotion of the city of stonningtons sustainable environment strategy, both in relation to improving councils corporate environmental performance and supporting greater community sustainability. Stonnington city centre 311 glenferrie road, malvern victoria 3144 prahran town hall 180 greville street, prahran victoria 3181. Spring street east melbourne vic 3002 dear ms ellingford. The transport strategy 2012 has set key directions and policy targets for transport in the municipality, and focuses on creating sustainable transport solutions that support significant growth in the city of melbourne to 2030. The city of stonnington is sustainable, safe, convenient. City of stonnington sustainable transport policy, 2009. Stonningtons annual community grants program preferences groups whose aims and programs are. Social impact assessment chapel vision structure plan city of stonnington, october 2006. Stonnington sustainable transport policy city of stonnington. Stonnington sustainable transport policy and background paper these documents outline councils position on transport, for both council staff and external stakeholders, with the aim of achieving a hierarchy that prioritises more sustainable modes of transport, according to the following. Council continues to manage a relatively low level of expenditure per head of population.

For information and rules on keeping additional cats, dogs, birds and other animals please refer to the keeping of animals policy pdf, 280kb. Current planning protections against overshadowing for your rooftop solar system. We have planners on duty everyday to assist with your general planning. Commercial areas include shopping and lifestyle strips along several of the main roads. Developing a sustainable transport policy for all of our. City of stonnington po box 21 prahran vic 3181 via email. Sustainable environment officer city of stonnington. Nsw sustainable design guidelines transport for nsw. The documents are presented in pdf or microsoft word format. Stonningtons sustainable transport policy has identified walking as the priority transport mode. Sustainable transport policy, city of stonnington, 2008. Part of the municipal em ergency management planning committees mempc role in any district is.

As the sustainable environment officer, you will be responsible for providing specialist advice and guidance pertaining to energy efficiency, water quality, water conservation, resource management, data management and sustainable procurement for council. Part of the municipal em ergency management planning committees mempc role in. The plan sets a target of under 10% of staff and 5% of students travelling to uts city campus by car in 2015. While the policy statement and the transport integration act do not provide any specific guidance in relation to noise impacts from railways, the vision statement part 2. Sustainable personal transport metropolitan melbourne pdf 790. Environmentally efficient design local planning policy thank you for the opportunity to provide comment on amendment c177 environmentally efficient design eed policy. The city of stonnington is already active in the support of pedestrians and recreational walkers, and many of its strategic planning documents across a range of departments already recognise the importance of walking. Trbnrc smposium on sustainable transportation, baltimore 2004 8 centre for sustainable transportation 1998 views a sustainable transport system as one that. Stonnington car sharing policy pdf, 259kb car share vehicle locations in stonnington. Policy themes the development of the national transport policy was guided by a clear sense of purpose and sound policy principles. May 25, 2012 the 2003 integrated transport plan referred to melbourne 2030s activity centre policy which emphasised future development within existing centres to increase the opportunity for linked trips using nonmotorised modes 2003 integrated transport plan, p. Replace councils sustainable transport strategy with an integrated transport strategy. Landscape assessment studies help to ensure that victorias landscapes are there for future generations to enjoy.

Draft integrated transport plan connect stonnington. Public transport using public transport is a great sustainable travel option. Inquiry into social inclusion and victorians with a disability. The application of a sustainable reduced parking ratio may be considered for some residential and office developments that are. Pdf national sustainable transport planning concepts. The city of stonnington is a vibrant and diverse municipality with an enviable record as an innovative and progressive council that is committed to providing a culture where employee health, wellbeing and development are a priority. All dogs and cats must be registered and microchipped at the age of three months. Responsible for longterm planning and development of the transport network throughout the yarra river catchment, including integrating public transport with other modes such as cars, cycling, and walking. The city of stonnington is a residential and commercial area with some office and institutional land use. In 20 and 2014, councils for whitehorse, stonnington, port phillip, banyule, yarra, moreland and melbourne introduced planning scheme amendments with sustainable design and planning expectations. The city of stonnington s sustainable transport policy envisages a sustainable and efficient transport network.

Sustainable transport potential barriers policy and structural barriers policy biases are common eg. Cycling in stonnington stonnington is setting an enviable pace to encourage more people to cycle and more often with enhanced facilities, programs and services for our pedaling enthusiasts. It builds on the previous 2014 transport plan to define transport, travel. If you have any enquiries or need help in accessing files, please email planning. Stonningtons sustainable transport policy has identified walking as. An enhanced method using disaggregate mode shift evidence article pdf available in case studies on transport policy june 2018 with 211 reads. Stonnington council approved the sustainable transport policy stp in 2008, and agreed that walking was to become the priority transport mode within the city. Submission on behalf of the public transport users association. The disability access officer has a dual role which includes delivery of the victorian government metro access program.

The inner melbourne action plan contains 11 regional strategies and identifies 57 actions for implementation across the inner. Pdf national sustainable transport planning concepts and. Uts promotes the use of public transport as a preferred mode of travel through marketing. Let us know your thoughts on the draft strategy by making a submission. We have planners on duty everyday to assist with your general planning enquiries in person and by phone on 8290 3329. Lead and coordinate a team of staff focussed on the delivery of councils sustainable environment objectives. The main target of this policy is to reduce peak hour traffic levels by at least 15% by 2015. Vision policy principles statement city of stonnington. Chapel vision structure plan sustainable transport plan city of stonnington, october 2006. The document was partially based on the national industrial policy a strategic plan for growth and development, which was published in april 1996. An opportunity exists at the city of stonnington one of melbournes most progressive councils, where you can utilise your strong communication skills and knowledge of the planning and environment act as a permanent full time statutory planner, located at our modern and sustainable office on glenferrie road in malvern, close to public transport and surrounded by an abundance of shops, cafe.

Chapel revision transport strategy gta consultants, september 2015. If you have any support or access requirements, we encourage you to advise us at the time of application. Achieving better transport outcomes must include a commitment to sustainability. Port phillip, yarra and stonnington working together on inner city regional issues.

The role of stonnington in health promotion in the community. Transport strategy participate melbourne webpage during two. Employment capacity is a simple way of looking at whether the city of stonnington could theoretically provide jobs for all its residents if they were to choose to work locally. On this basis, the city of stonnington supports car sharing. Close to an activity centre and fixed rail public transport provide motor scooterbike and bike parking. This is through the efficient and effective delivery of high quality services to the community within a responsible budget. This page contains links to the all the text for stonnington planning scheme as at the approval of amendment c279. City of stonnington is a child safe and equal opportunity employer committed to an equitable, diverse and socially inclusive work environment and a positive, barrierfree recruitment process.

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