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The following is a complete list of the current officially assigned iso 31661 alpha3 codes, using the english short country names officially used by. Blog preventing the top security weaknesses found in stack overflow code snippets. The iso 31661 alphabetic codes alpha2 and alpha3 use letters from the 26letter english. We have compiled them in the quick reference table below in order to help our clients do quick conversions from the numeric or 2 letter code to any country name. They allow a better visual association between the codes and the country names than the two letter alpha2 codes the third. The code list for genc geopolitical entities, 3character encoding, is provided. This table compares ioc, fifa, and iso 3166 country codes. Iso 31661 alpha3 codes are three letter country codes defined in iso 31661, part of the iso 3166 standard published by the international organization for standardization iso, to represent countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest. Which represents the following dod component as requisitioner. The 2 letter codes shown below are supplied by the iso international organization for standardization. Enter this code in the funding agency id data field. In addition to using a csv representation, country codes in niem 4. Department of defense country code standard mandating iso 31661 as. Iso31661alpha3 thefollowingisacompletelistofthecurrentofficiallyassignediso31661alpha3codes.

K country names and two letter codes k annex k includes a list of short names and two letter codes accepted for use in indicating states, other entities and intergovernmental organizations and their offices in documents relating to international applications under the pct. Two letter country code mapping, grouped by continentregion. Iso 31661 numeric or numeric3 codes are threedigit country codes defined in iso 31661. Country code list country iso country codes country code afghanistan af afg 93 albania al alb 355 algeria dz dza 2 american samoa as asm 1 684 andorra ad and 376 angola ao ago 244 anguilla ai aia 1 264 antarctica aq ata 672, 64 antigua and barbuda ag atg 1 268. Comparison of ioc, fifa, and iso 3166 country codes. List of country codes by alpha2, alpha3 code iso 3166. It bases its list of country names and abbreviations on the list of names published by the united nations. The iban structure is defined in iso 6161 and consists of a twoletter iso 31661 country code. Iso standard country codes country codes country code afghanistan af aland islands ax albania al algeria dz american samoa us as andorra ad angola ao anguilla uk ai antarctica aq antigua and barbuda ag argentina ar armenia am aruba aw australia au austria at azerbaijan az bahamas bs bahrain bh bangladesh bd barbados bb belarus by. These codes are used throughout the it industry by computer systems and software to ease the identification of country names. Iso standard country codes cybersource developer center.

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